Basic Info

If you are an experienced software engineer with an ambition to improve your skills and work as a software engineer in Europe, sign up!


After signing up you will receive a coding challenge (2-3 hours).  

If you have what it takes you'll get introduced to potential employers. Be aware that you can only take the challenge once every 6 months.


If you pass your coding assessment, there will be an informal introduction call. Make sure you have a strong wifi connection during this online meeting.


After doing the video call your profile will be ‘showcased’ on the Caspar Coding Platform. Don't worry it is password protected. The interview process is determined by the employer so it will differ every time.

"With the constant advancements in technology, you are always learning and building something new. The fast pace is what attracted me to tech, apart from technology exposing me to this whole new world and that I can work with just about anyone, anywhere!"

"I am working in a multicultural environment with extremely intelligent people coming from all over the world. We exchange knowledge and ideas and inspire one another, from young to old people from different domain areas. My passion for software development is being enhanced each day, and I love it, I love the challenge, it’s bringing out the best in me.”

"As a backend engineer, I get to learn a lot of new technologies as well as bring my wealth of experience to the table. I get to work with a team of highly skilled AI engineers and thus will be neck deep in the AI & ML space.”