About us


Started in July 2018, Caspar Coding is a tech-job marketplace. We are on a mission to connect Africa’s most talented software developers to the coolest tech companies in Europe. Caspar Coding helps developers in wide range of languages and stacks to find the jobs they love.


All developers go through a thorough screening. Only the best of the best will be introduced to our Hiring Partners. The acceptance rate of the applicants is about 1%. This way our hiring partners will only be interacting with qualified developers.


The highest correlation with happiness is community and we are firm believers that happiness leads to success. That's why we have communities of Caspar developers in every country in Europe where we have relocated developers. We regularly host Caspar get-togethers for each of these communities.


By providing experienced, skilled African developers with employment contracts in Europe, we’re not only doubling the average developer retention rate to the benefit of our hiring partners, we’re enabling African developers to learn and grow in one of the fastest-growing startup ecosystems in the world.

Meet the team

Sebastiaan Tan 

Co-Founder & CEO

Chihiro Noda


Ben Shiundu

Co-Founder & CTO

Bas Bouter 

Housing Manager

Derk van der Grijp 


Life as a Caspar

Europe Office

Prinsengracht 362, 1016JA,

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Africa Office

Western Heights, Westlands on Karuna Road, Nairobi, Kenya